What Makes A Thai Curry Different From An Indian One?

steamed-1573801_640When the word curry is brought up in conversation, many think of India as the sole inventor of one of the world’s favorite spice mix. But in reality, lots of countries in Asia have a version of it. The second country people think of when the word curry is mentioned is Thailand. While both countries call their spice mix curry, the two cooking ingredients are actually quite different.

Thai Curry: It’s Hotter

While Indian food can be quite hot, it doesn’t offer the most powerful curry. In fact, Indian curry’s quite gentle when compared to the power of Thai curry. Thai curry offers a lot of power on the tongue. It also tends to have a weaker finish. All the heat we associate with Thai food is instantly present after the first bite enters the mouth of the consumer.

Thai Curry: It Isn’t Made Out Of The Same Stuff

Indian curry tends to be a mixture of dry ingredients. It’s a powder rather than a wet mixture. Thai curry is what food experts would call a paste. As the coconut water included makes it liquid in nature.

Thai curry also has garlic, shallot, lemon grass and chilies that Indian curry lacks. Shrimp paste is also a common ingredient that won’t be found in Indian curry. Probably due to a lot of people in India being vegetarian. However, there are some commonalities between the two versions of curry. You’ll find turmeric and cumin in both.

They’re Both Amazing

You can’t go wrong with curry. So enjoy all the versions you possibly can. Some people in NYC think of Thai as their favorite, while others prefer curry of the Indian variety. To me, both are excellent choices. So enjoy them both. As each of them has unique flavors to offer.