Three Must Try Indian Food Dishes That You Will Enjoy

spring-1481494_640Indian food can be one of the most diverse cuisines in the entire world. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s about time you tried some of the great dishes that await you. Whether you like spicy food or prefer something a little tamer, perhaps sweet or sour, Indian food has it all. You’re talking all kinds of spices, herbs and various ingredients used in different combinations to create some of the most delectable dishes you could ever eat.

You can’t try Indian cuisine and leave off chicken curry. It is one of the three must try Indian food dishes you need to experience. How does a coconut milk gravy sound? Throw in some rice pancakes that are cut extremely thin, and you have one of the most tasty dishes that you can try when it comes to eating Indian food.

Americans have different ways they make beef roasts, but you should see the way they are made in India. One thing you’ll also notice about Indian cuisine is that it borrows dishes and recipes from other countries as well, adding its own twist. For example, there is a must try Portugese dish that is well known in India called Sorpotel. This is a pork dish that is sweet, and those rice pancakes are a part of the dish, too.

Duck and lamb are two popular meats that are used in different dishes in India as well. Jeera rice and kaali daal is another staple dish when it comes to Indian cuisine. There are so many other great meat dishes, soups, desserts and more to try. Indian people love their spices, and they love creating all kinds of unique tastes that you just don’t get from other cuisines around the world. You have been told about three unique dishes you need to try, but keep on looking because there are so many more.